Restart Podcast Ep. 60: Helping electronics workers improve conditions

“ One of the biggest hazards for electronics workers is chemicals and the progress on gaining worker protection has been slow. What seems to be key to creating a safer work environment is access to information. George shares some shocking stories about manufacturers failing to inform workers of the substances that they are handling.

We also take a specific look at the dangers that are specific to women in the electronics industry. George summarises many of these risks succinctly by quoting the lawyer and advocate, Amanda Hawes – “if you’re pregnant, every day is bring your child to work day.” Workers aren’t just misinformed about dangers to their own health but also the health of their children.”


Films about high-tech hazards

Death by Design


Stories from the Clean Room by SHARPS & IPEN

Taiwan’s Secret Cancer – the RCA story

SVTC 20th Year video – The Legacy of Silicon Valley

2001 SVTC video:
From Silicon Valley to Silicon Planet

The Story of Electronics

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