Restart Podcast Ep. 60: Helping electronics workers improve conditions

“ One of the biggest hazards for electronics workers is chemicals and the progress on gaining worker protection has been slow. What seems to be key to creating a safer work environment is access to information. Omana George from Electronics Watch shares some shocking stories about manufacturers failing to inform workers of the substances that they are handling.

We also take a specific look at the dangers that are specific to women in the electronics industry. George summarises many of these risks succinctly by quoting the lawyer and advocate, Amanda Hawes – “if you’re pregnant, every day is bring your child to work day.” Workers aren’t just misinformed about dangers to their own health but also the health of their children.”


Films about high-tech hazards

Death by Design


Stories from the Clean Room by SHARPS & IPEN

Taiwan’s Secret Cancer – the RCA story

SVTC 20th Year video – The Legacy of Silicon Valley

2001 SVTC video:
From Silicon Valley to Silicon Planet

The Story of Electronics

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