Key Messages Regarding Human Rights and Hazardous Substances

Please find below a link to the 10 key messages/principles on human rights and hazardous substances, published recently by the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights.

It aligns extremely well with both our work and activities, and can represent a very powerful tool to strengthen campaigns, mobilize people and communities, and influence decision makers.

It should serve as a compass for all future Global chemicals and waste discussions as well as any national initiatives and policy.

The 10 Key messages are:

  • “Ensure a non-Toxic Environment for present and future generations
  • Cooperate internationally to prevent and combat harms from exposure to hazardous substances
  • Prevent exposure to hazardous substances from business activities
  • Guarantee all person’s access to information about hazardous substances
  • Ensure the meaningful and informed participation of all persons in decision-making processes
  • Ensure Accountability and effective remedies for human rights harms caused by hazardous substances
  • Protect environmental human rights defenders
  • Protect, respect and fulfil the human rights of people who are in particularly vulnerable situations
  • Guarantee for all human beings the right to benefit from scientific progress and its applications
  • Take a precautionary approach to the handling and management of hazardous substances and potentially hazardous substances
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