Trade body files lawsuit against EU flame retardant ban…

Source: Chemical Watch Global Risk and Regulation News

BSEF calls prohibition on entire class of chemicals under Ecodesign ‘unlawful’


A new Circular Economy action plan from the European Union has been published by Politico. Here are a few points:

There are interesting references and they tick off few boxes of things we think they need to address. References to clean/safety of the circular materials are made here and there (more than in previous documents!). They pledge for substitution and safe-by-design products/materials. They want to focus on sorting and decontamination of streams thanks to tracking via information systems.


Introduction to Design

Source: EPA, ICRT, and more

The following Table iNEMI Environmentally Sustainable Electronics: Roadmap and Vision is provided to summarize the needs and recommendations made in the Sustainability subsection and described in further detail in the four subsequent subsections.


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