Challenging the Chip

Challenging the Chip Book Cover
Authors and Editors
Ted Smith, David A. Sonnenfeld, and David Naguib Pellow
Labor Rights, Environmental Justice
Temple University Press
Publication Date


From Silicon Valley in California to Silicon Glen in Scotland, from Silicon Island in Taiwan to Silicon Paddy in China, the social, economic, and ecological effects of the international electronics industry are widespread. The production of electronic and computer components contaminates air, land, and water around the globe. As this eye-opening book reveals, the people who suffer the consequences are largely poor, female, immigrant, and minority. Challenging the Chip is the first comprehensive examination of the impacts of electronics manufacturing on workers and local environments across the planet.

Contributors to this pioneering volume include many of the world’s most articulate, passionate and progressive visionaries, scholars and advocates. Here they not only document the unsustainable and often devastating practices of the global electronics industry but also chronicle creative ways in which activists, government agencies, and others have attempted to reform the industry—through resistance, persuasion, and regulation. The book grew out of a 2002 global gathering of activists and academics in San Jose, California convened by the International Campaign for Responsible Technology and Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition. Scores of people around the world were involved over the course of several years in its conceptualization, development, editing and production. It has been translated into Chinese and Korean.

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