Challenging the Chip Table of Contents

Foreword: Technology Happens – Jim Hightower

1. The Quest for Sustainability and Justice in a High-Tech World – Ted Smith, David A. Sonnenfeld, and David N. Pellow

Part I. Global Electronics

Section Introduction – David A. Sonnenfeld
2. The Changing Map of Global Electronics: Networks of Mass Production in the New Economy – Boy Lüthje
3. Occupational Health in the Semiconductor Industry – Joseph LaDou
4. Double Jeopardy: Gender and Migration in Electronics Manufacturing – Anibel Ferus-Comelo
5. “Made in China”: Electronics Workers in the World’s Fastest Growing Economy – Apo Leong and Sanjiv Pandita
6. Corporate Social Responsibility in Thailand’s Electronics Industry – Tira Foran and David A. Sonnenfeld
7. Electronics Workers in India – Sanjiv Pandita
8. Out of the Shadows and into the Gloom? Worker and Community Health in and around Central and Eastern Europe’s Semiconductor Plants – Andrew Watterson

Part II. Environmental Justice And Labor Rights

Section Introduction – Andrew Watterson and Shenglin Chang
9. From Grassroots to Global: The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition’s Milestones in Building a Movement for Corporate Accountability and Sustainability in the High-Tech Industry – Leslie A. Byster and Ted Smith
10. The Struggle for Occupational Health in Silicon Valley: A Conversation with Amanda Hawes – Amanda Hawes with David N. Pellow
11. Immigrant Workers in Two Eras: Struggles and Successes in Silicon Valley – David N. Pellow and Glenna Matthews
12. Worker Health at National Semiconductor, Greenock (Scotland): Freedom to Kill? – James McCourt
13. Community-Based Organizing for Labor Rights, Health, and the Environment: Television Manufacturing on the Mexico-U.S. Border – Connie García and Amelia Simpson
14. Labor Rights and Occupational Health in Jalisco’s Electronics Industry (Mexico) – Raquel E. Partida Rocha
15. Breaking the Silicon Silence: Voicing Health and Environmental Impacts within Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park – Shenglin Chang, Hua-Mei Chiu, and Wen-Ling Tu
16. Human Lives Valued Less Than Dirt: Former RCA Workers Contaminated by Pollution Fighting Worldwide for Justice (Taiwan) – Yu-Ling Ku
17. Unionizing Electronics: The Need for New Strategies – Robert Steiert

Part III. Electronic Waste and Extended Producer Responsibility

Section Introduction – Leslie A. Byster and Wen-Ling Tu
18. The Electronics Production Life Cycle. From Toxics to Sustainability: Getting Off the Toxic Treadmill – Leslie A. Byster and Ted Smith
19. High-Tech Pollution in Japan: Growing Problems, Alternative Solutions – Fumikazu Yoshida
20. High-Tech’s Dirty Little Secret: The Economics and Ethics of the Electronic Waste Trade – Jim Puckett
21. Hi-Tech Heaps, Forsaken Lives: E-Waste in Delhi – Ravi Agarwal and Kishore Wankhade
22. Importing Extended Producer Responsibility for Electronic Equipment into the United States – Chad Raphael and Ted Smith
23. International Environmental Agreements and the Information Technology Industry – Ken Geiser and Joel Tickner
24. Design Change in Electrical and Electronic Equipment: Impacts of the Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation in Sweden and Japan – Naoko Tojo
25. The Dell Campaign David Wood and Robin Schneider

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